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The dream came again and again...

a little girl abducted from her own yard ...

Autumn Sommers knows the danger of ignoring such powerful omens. Twelve years earlier, she could have prevented a tragic accident if only she had acted on those horrible nightmares. This time, she knows what she has to do.


Her research into local missing persons suggests that the girl in Autumnís dreams could be Molly, the daughter of businessman Ben McKenzie. Still emotionally shattered from his loss and unwilling to trust this stranger, Ben is angered rather than relieved to hear her theory that Molly is still alive. Certain that she may be the girlís only chance, Autumn persists, until Ben grudgingly agrees to explore this tiny, if improbable, shred of hope.


As Autumnís dreams become more and more vivid, she and Ben pursue their leads Ö leads that point to more murders, and to the only person in control of whether they live Ö or die.



Mr. McKenzie?"

His head turned.  His jaw hardened.  "You!"

"Please don't be angry,Ē Autumn said.  ďI have to speak to you.  I know you don't want to talk to me.  I know how painful just thinking about Molly must be, but you have to listen."

Several people walked up and stood next them, waiting for the light to change.  Ben took one look at them, gripped her arm and hauled her back against the wall of a nearby building. 

"What the hell do you want?  Money?  Do you think you've found some way to extort me for cash?  Because it isn't going to work."

"I don't want your money!  I just want you to listen to me!"

He took a steadying breath, let it out slowly.  The set of his jaw said he was fighting for control.  "You've got three minutes."

Her mind spun, frantic to think where to begin.  "I've been having this dream.  It isn't a regular dream, not like the kind we all have every night.  This is different, so real it's as if it's actually happening.  And itís the same dream every night."

"This is bullshit.  Lots of people have dreams."

"This isn't just any dream.  This is a dream about Molly."  Even in the faint yellow light shining down from the streetlamp she could see his face go pale.

She hurried on, afraid he would just walk away.  "Of course, I didn't know who she was as first.  In my dream, I saw this little girl get into a car with a man she didn't know and I was afraid for her.  I thought this was something that hadn't happened yet but was about to and maybe I could find out who the little girl was and somehow prevent it." 

He checked his watch.  "You're time is up, lady.  I'm leaving and if you try to talk to me again, I'll have you arrested for stalking."

Tears welled in her eyes.  "You don't understand.  I think Molly is still alive.  Please...won't you at least hear me out?"

But Ben was already walking, his broad shoulders slumped forward, perhaps against the breeze but Autumn thought it was the weight of his terrible memories, his awful grief for his daughter. 

Dear God, she had to reach him.  Ben McKenzie was Molly's father and Autumn believed he was the key that had set the dreams in motion.  With his help, maybe they could find her.

She wiped the tears from her cheeks, hating herself for crying.  Dammit, why wouldn't he at least give her a chance?

But in her heart, Autumn understood.  She knew that every time she brought up Molly's name, the old pain surfaced.

She needed some kind of proof. 

She needed something that would convince Ben McKenzie there was at least a chance the little girl he loved was still alive.




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